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Classic Headband - 20176 - Product Details

Classic headband made from 100% acrylic. 
Available in the following colors:


Assorted Darks

Assorted Lights

Classic Headband W/3M Thinsulate Insulation - 2T176HV - Product Details

Hi-Visibility classic knit headband with 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation.  Made of 100% Acrylic.
Colors are as follows:

Safety Yellow

Fluorescent Green

Assorted (both yellow and green)


To learn more about 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation technology click below: 


Marled Headband - 20176MARL - Product Details

Marled Headband made from 100% acrylic.

Please click HERE to see the marled colors we have available.

Fleece Earband - 27EBG - Product Details

Fleece earband made from 100% polyester fleece.  This earband comes in:



Assorted darks/lights

Neck Gaiter - 20G76-8BLZ - Product Details

Classic knit neck gaiter in blaze orange, made from 100% acrylic. 

Fleece Neck Gaiter - 27GA - Product Details

Fleece neck gaiter made from 100% polyester fleece.  This item comes in:



Dark Grey

Armwarmers - 20AWT - Product Details

Standard armwarmers made from 100% acrylic. MOQ for this item is 144 per color. Please click HERE for color choices.

Striped Knit Armwarmer - 20AWT(2X2) - Product Details

Striped Knit Armwarmer made from 100% Acrylic. MOQ for this item is 144 per colorway. Please click HERE for color choices.

Cable Knit Legwarmer - 80CLW - Product Details

Cable Knit Legwarmer made from 100% Acrylic. Colors include:



Dark Grey


Legwarmers - 20LW - Product Details

Standard legwarmer made from 100% acrylic. The MOQ for this item is 144. Please click HERE for color choices. 

Turtleneck Dickie - 20000 - Product Details

Turtleneck dickie made of 100% acrylic.  A mock-turtleneck style is also available under Style # 20005. Colors include: